For Property Managers

AtHere helps property managers maintain their properties in top shape by streamlining issue identification, reporting and resolution, on a day-to-day basis or during tenant turnovers. It offers features that facilitate multi-lingual collaboration among property managers, tenants and maintenance personnel.

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Property Managers go thru the following process to make the most of AtHere



Project Kickoff

If your project was transitioned from the construction phase using AtHere most of the work is done. Otherwise, we design the most appropriate "location hierarchy" for your property.



Design Location Tapes

Each location of interest can be marked with a "location tape". Location tapes can be printed in many formats, sizes, removable, permanent or weatherproof materials. Each tape has a unique ID electronically encoded with IoT technologies like QR-Codes or NFC tags. Repeat when you reconfigure the property for new tenants.



Invite People

Invite the people that will participate on managing the property: internal team members, contractors, suppliers, maintenance personnel, etc. Each person is assigned a role, a set of permissions and a preferred language.



Train the Core Team

AtHere by ConstruWise is really simple to learn and to use. With a short training session your team will be ready to be productive on a tool made for effective collaboration.

Regular Operations


Identify, Assign, Fix, Close

Property managers or maintenance personnel walk thru the property on a regular basis identifying issues, delivering instructions, making announcements. Then someone is assigned to resolve it. Recipients get notified, ask for clarifications, and collaborate towards fast resolutions.



Get Insights

All participants can track progress with daily logs, explore the overall status of assigned tasks on a personalized dashboard. Drill down by assignee, status, location, criticallity. Identify trends, prevent problem recurrence, and make forecasts for future maintenance from real field data

Tenant Activities


Move-in Inspections

Give the new tenant an AtHere inspection check-list and a set of smart-tapes to mark the places where they find issues. Reported issues trigger fixing and maintenance activities. Upon satisfactory resolution, tenants close the issue



Ongoing Awareness

Tenants may report new issues that they discover on their own space or on common areas. By rapidly addressing issues reported by tenants, managers and maintenance personnel, you keep your property in top shape and avoid costly repairs

Success! Property makes Money

Spotless Properties

Properties deteriorate one unresolved issue at a time. Make your managers, maintenance workers, even your tenants, identify problems proactively. See an issue? Document and assign it right then and there.

Tenants complain that their move-in punch list takes forever to be resolved. Keep them satisfied with proactive communications and rapid issue resolution.

According to the US Department of Labor, over 30% of the workers in construction and maintenance are of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity. Communicating with them in their language increases effectiveness.