• AtHere by ConstruWise

    From the moment that you start construction all the way to transition to property management or during renovations.

  • Detailed Journals

    With transcribed speech to text, filtering by many attributes, and pictures or videos stored in the cloud

  • Voice Input and Commands

    In English or Spanish. AtHere learns construction-oriented terminology, proper names and mixed language expressions (Spanglish)

AtHere Features

AtHere = Effective Field Collaboration for Busy People.

Journal Tapes

The core of AtHere is the collaborative journal. Journal entries can consist of issues, instructions, announcements, safety directives, weather impact, etc.

Locate me!

No more searching thru blueprints. With conveniently marked location tapes, just scan and go. Better yet, tell the Smart Assistant "I am in the kitchen of unit 2201"!

Smart Assistant

Read information or listen to it in your smart assistant's voice. It learns about your interactions, flattens the UX with easier commands, and automatic classification of journals.

Hybrid Multilingual Experience

Combine freely the ability to enter information by talking or by typing in your preferred language!

Text, Pictures & Videos

A journal entry can include text, pictures or videos to provide a detailed timeline of the progress made by each of the participants.


In construction, the weather is a significant factor of project delays. AtHere allows each participant to document specific impacts then collaborate to achieve the most productive resolutions.

Everything in One Place

No need to search for text messages, emails, files, etc. with different apps. Everything is AtHere


Our professional services can integrate AtHere with industry standard construction suites like ProCore and PlanGrid

Multilingual Support

Like our solutions, our customer support is multilingual. Our representatives will gladly support you in English or Spanish.

Want To Increase Productivity?

Projects get delayed one unresolved issue at a time. Don't wait for a formal punchlist walkthrough - make your daily walks productive. See an issue? Document and assign it right then and there.

With the current labor scarcity, if the person responsible for fixing an issue leaves your premises, it will take days for him to come back. Notify workers of issues as they are found.

According to the US Department of Labor, over 30% of the workers in construction are of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity. In some regions, the percentage is higher. Communicating with them in their language increases your project effectiveness.