• Daily Reports

    Daily, weekly and monthly reports. Drill down on open issues by location, by trade, by status.

  • Powerful Analytics

    Visual analytics provide project status at a glance

  • Personalized Dashboard

    Daily, weekly and monthly reports. Drill down on open issues by location, by trade, by status.

Vertex Features

Real Time Project Insights, Smart Routes and Custom Reports

Team Management

Invite participants, manage their subscriptions, roles and permissions. AtHere provides the simplest experience for each role. Review resource consumption and monthly bills

Daily Logs

Or weekly, or monhtly, or year-to-day logs. Analyze what changed on any date range. Drill down, summarize, pivot, then print the results or schedule automated email deliveries.

Punch lists

Each participant can see her own list of assigned issues. These dynamic punch lists can be checkpointed by specific due dates and linked to payment cycles.

Tape Store

Order location or journal tapes for indoor or outdoor uses. Choose sizes, colors, formats, adhesiveness, weatherproofing, and encoding technology. Make your commitment to quality visible with branded tapes.

Searching and Filtering

Filter issues by any of its attributes: location, assignment, status, due date and criticality. Find that elusive communication from a year ago and see all of its associated pictures, videos and resolution timelines.

Smart Routes

Don't waste time inspecting locations where there are no issues. Your project's location hierarchies are the foundation for optimal inspection routes and fast closeouts.

Want To Increase Productivity?

Projects get delayed one unresolved issue at a time. Don't wait for a formal punch list walkthrough - make your daily walks productive. See an issue? Document and assign it right then and there.

With the current labor scarcity, if the person responsible for fixing an issue leaves your premises, it will take days for him to come back. Notify workers of issues as they are found.

According to the US Department of Labor, over 30% of the workers in construction are of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity. In some regions, the percentage is higher. Communicating with them in their language increases your project effectiveness.